Rockie Sadler (Hiser)- About the Artist

Small towns and small businesses have been at the center of my soul for as long as I can remember. Having lived in almost every corner of the state of Wyoming and many places in between, I've had the pleasure of meeting some very strong minded and big hearted entrepreneurs and business warriors. It's these people and the landscape of these towns that has inspired me to take an entrepreneurial path.

At the age of 5, I made my first batch of "mud pies" and would bake them on the sidewalk outside the farmhouse we lived in and sell them to my family. By 8, I began making handmade jewelry, loading my inventory into my backpack, and selling what I had to my elementary school classmates. I've always been drawn to the lifestyle of creating things and selling them. Creativity has always been on my side- and the economic part of it is instinctual. 

Fast forward 20-some years and 20-some "big ideas" later, and I've landed on what I truly believe is my greatest start-up yet - Wyld 'n Pretty. The whole idea of this brand is to show people what a small idea and a lot of ambition + prayer can accomplish. I want to show people how to be bold and confident, while always being kind and understanding. I believe in saying what's on your mind and standing up for yourself, and barreling through life with tenacity and confidence- and doing it all with a smile on your face and an outreached hand to the hearts and souls who want to join you. 

What began as a hobby to counterbalance the monotony of a 9-5 Monday-Friday job has evolved into a brand that resonates with other people who are looking to feel something when they journey through their day. I want people to feel confident when they put on one of my tees and feel special when they glance at their one-of-a-kind art that is hanging in their home. From start to finish- wherever that winds up being- I'm committed to maintaining a wholesome, valuable, spirited company that is the melting pot of all of my Wyld 'n Pretty ideas and creations. 

I'm incredibly excited to see Wyld 'n Pretty grow and change. And I'm so, SO thankful to anyone who supports my small business and my big ideas. Your support is turning my dreams into a tangible living, and I am so grateful for you. 


Thank you and welcome to the Wyld 'n Pretty side.